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Will Trump shaft the UK on a trade agreement if the UK leaves the EU with a No Deal ? in Yahoo - 4 hours ago
Who else thinks that Trump's idea of US buying Greenland is stupid? in Yahoo - 4 hours ago
Why do atheists say "atheism is gaining" when stats clearly show atheism is in decline and projected to do so, whereas, faiths that believe.? in Yahoo - 4 hours ago
When Brexit is done and dusted how will we bring the country back together? in Yahoo - 10 hours ago
Why do trump supporters like Coleman so racist and victim like? in Yahoo - 23 hours ago
What do you do if you re vanilla in bed but your partner is kinky as hell? in Yahoo - 1 day ago
Dancing With The Stars 28 Full Cast List So You Ready This 2019? in Yahoo - 1 day ago
Why do people in society act as if, if you cant get a date, lower youre standards? in Yahoo - 1 day ago
Do you believe Rottweilers are bad and dangerous dog breeds? in Yahoo - 1 day ago
Why was Diana knocked unconscious by such a minor fall in Justice League? How powerful is she really? in Yahoo - 2 days ago
I’m 13 and I want to have sex with my older 16 year old sister. How can I get her to want to? She is really hot and quite skinny. Help!?!? in Yahoo - 2 days ago
Can I renew my Indiana driver's license and car registration after I move to Illinois? in Yahoo - 2 days ago
Why did millions of Jewish Americans vote for Omar and Tlaib? in Yahoo - 2 days ago
How old do you have to be to open your own bank account? Checking account? in Yahoo - 2 days ago
What would you do if your gf goes out to a bar and respond to your text 2 hours later? Relationship advice? in Yahoo - 2 days ago