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Почему "фамильярность" — синоним "панибратства"? in StackExchange - 2 hours ago
A novice skier, starting from rest, slides down an icy frictionless 7.0 ∘ incline whose vertical height is 150 m? in Yahoo - 2 hours ago
"Call on" or "call at" or something else? Which is appropriate? in StackExchange - 8 hours ago
Is the Weierstrass function given in Counterexamples in Analysis a typo? in StackExchange - 8 hours ago
Why do Computer Science degrees contain a high proportion of mathematics? in StackExchange - 8 hours ago
If ordinary American citizens are accused of crimes, why can't we just say fake news and its a hoax and attack the investigators? in Yahoo - 8 hours ago
'Punishment Function' in Number of Knots in Splines? in StackExchange - 14 hours ago
Trump supporter turns Warren supporter. Is there still hope for some deplorables? in Yahoo - 14 hours ago
If your pendulum clock is late in time ,will you raise or lower the bob ? why? in Yahoo - 20 hours ago
US soldier says he's ashamed of the president. Should he be brought up on charges of sedition? in Yahoo - 20 hours ago
What is the purpose of the redundant “いい人” in this example sentence in StackExchange - 1 day ago
Adding hyperlink for each feature of GeoJSON layer under qgis2web? in StackExchange - 1 day ago
Securing the Sitecore client on a single server setup with CDN in StackExchange - 1 day ago
What's the most inappropriate song to play at a funeral? in Reddit - 1 day ago
I need help!How to disprove or approve the rumor of Jose Rizal sired Adolf Hitler,thank you!? in Yahoo - 1 day ago