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Write Solution-Based Articles

Use our social search engine to scrape our immensely large database for the top trending questions on the web. We rank the questions based on views so you’re only targeting the most relevant trends in your niche.

Write Articles Using Trending Topics

Writing articles has never been easier. Research what topics resonate best with your audience. Our search engine brings you the most shared and popular content to make sure you dominate your niche every time.

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Generate Topic Reports

At TrendingQuestions we understand how important it is for you to get visual data analysis with keyword suggestions all in one place. Use our report generator to get a custom result of the most suitable questions and topics for any post idea.

Get Alerts

Our alerting system designs a custom graphical report based on your keyword suggestions and content interests. We make sure you know exactly who is mentioning your keywords and which websites are doing it.

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Advance Search & Filter

Use the filtering system to sort your results by date, social shares, views and category. You’ll get instant ideas on the top trending questions and topics to talk about next.

Track Competitors

It’s essential that you don’t waste time tracking 100s of competitors. Use our ‘mark as competitor’ feature to group them all in a nice list which tracks their every move and sends you immediate alerts.

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The Best Answer

Don’t have time to research and want the best answer to all/any trending questions?
No worries, we’ve developed the best answer feature to save you the time you’d spend on hours of research!

Tailored Email Alerts

Too busy managing your website? No worries, we will send you email summaries whenever one of your selected keywords/topics has been spotted by our social search engine. You can activate these settings and customize them in your dashboard.

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Export Data

We know how important it is to keep your custom results handy at all times. Use our exporting functionality to export all your custom data and bookmarks to Excel Or CSV.

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