About the Creator

TrendingQuestions is an intelligent search engine that helps bloggers & business owners find high engaging topic ideas based on views, followers, share counts on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Pinterest. The site was created by Clifford Ngong, and launched in May 29, 2016. Clifford is a 22 years old graduate from Miami University with a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. He started working on TrendingQuestions his senior year in college and finally launched it two weeks after he graduated from Miami.

Creatore of Trending Questions

The story behind Trending Questions

The idea behind TrendingQuestions was a result of Clifford’s personal frustrations and setbacks with writing articles for his blog. He needed a tool that could help reduce the tedious process of finding great topic ideas for his blog. Clifford knew if he could start writing solution-based articles using trending questions on the web, he could tap into a less competitive audience and increase the amount of visitors coming to his blog. So he started learning about Laravel - an amazing php framework while building the backend of ProjectLastBreath. The first beta version of TrendingQuestion, which was later released in May 2, 2016. This beta version could only provide users with the titles and the number of times each question had been viewed on the web. More features such as: question’s description, top answer, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Pinterest share counts were constantly being added as the site grew.

What about Trending Topics?

Clifford knew trending topics was an important feature that will nicely complement trending questions. The framework was already established during the first beta release of trending questions, so the implementation and integration were very straightforward. The ideas behind trending topic was released in late July, 2016. The initial release provided users with access to trending topics based on social media share counts. More features such as bookmarking a specific publisher and getting all articles published under a specific publisher wasn’t implemented until early August of 2016. As the site continues to grow, Clifford plans to maintain it while releasing new features!